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As ADAM / CORIN in AS YOU LIKE IT - Northcott Theatre Co. in Rougemont Gardens, Exeter. 2004.

Philip Anthony scores a personal triumph as old Adam...
Evening Herald 16.07.04.

Philip Anthony was excellent value...
Harry Mottram. Western Daily Press 21.07.04.

As MAN in THE HEBREW LESSON The Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond. 2003.

Philip Anthony is outstanding as... Mankowitz's old Lithuanian émigré, who is now a shopkeeper in 1921 Cork just before the establishment of the Irish Free State... Head to Richmond to see them before they hit the big time.
Fiona Mountford in The Evening Standard, 20.06.03.

Amusing, but beautifully touching, never overdosing in sentimentality, Philip Anthony gives an enchanting performance as the would-be rabbi, shuffling about the stage, while still appearing larger than life.
Emma Dunford in Reviewgate.com 12.06.03

As C.S. LEWIS in SHADOWLANDS at Westcliff. 1992.

Christopher Dunham's fine production is blessed with many qualities, but none so magnificent as that of Philip Anthony in the central role. He defines the boy-man whose cloistered Oxford life is buoyed up by the religious faith that runs as a counterpoint through his stories, and finally explodes into full maturity in a heart- wrenching roar of grief at the death of his wife.
Evening Echo. 04.05.92.

...a performance of great stature...
Southend Review. 07.05.92.

As CHRISTOPHER RILEY in SHADOWLANDS. Queen's Theatre. London West End. 1989-90.

...Philip Anthony makes his mark as a waspish academic who treats women as an alien species...
Michael Billington in Country Life.

As CAPULET in ROMEO AND JULIET Nottingham Playhouse. 1989.

...the vigorous, presentable Capulets... notable performance from Philip Anthony as Capulet...
Pat Ashworth in The Guardian

THE BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE. Man in the Moon Theatre. 1987.

Their father (Philip Anthony) has been crippled by emotional inarticulacy since their mother's death: his reticence emerges as coldness, his revulsion at his sonís illness comes over as disgust, until he learns too late to express affection. All of which is written and acted with the most fluent and unselfconscious naturalism...
Martin Hoyle in the Financial Times.

As FRANK in HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES, Mill at Sonning. 1987

...the immaculate timing of Philip Anthony as Frank...
Maidenhead Advertiser.

Those experienced performers, Philip Anthony and Geraldine Newman, could scarcely be bettered as the Fosters.
Reading Chronicle

St JOAN Compass National Tour. 1985-86.

De Baudricourt, the Captain, who at first has no patience with the peasant girl, is played with as much conviction by Philip Anthony as Clive Francis brings to the part of the Inquisitor...
The Scotsman

...and the ranks here are as steadfast and impressive, especially Philip Anthony as Baudricourt...
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